How is photography an investment?

If you've been shopping around for a wedding or portrait photographer for a while, you've probably seen the phrase "photography is an investment," come up a lot. I is! The word "investment" has a few definitions, but the one most relatable to photography is, "a thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future." Your wedding day will go by so fast that you may not remember everything that has happened (especially if you've downed a few tequila shots at that open bar), nor will you get to actually see everything (like your mom and future mother-in-law exchanging excited looks at each other during your ceremony), so by investing in a wedding photographer (especially one that's experienced and cares about the people they work with), you'll find the usefulness in the amazing photos they'll deliver.

how do you make photography an "experience"?

When you go through an experience, you go through motions and emotions. As your photographer, I'll help you go through the motions of different poses but I'll also guide you through an experience to create emotions that are candid, genuine, and uniquely your own. Without experiencing emotions & feelings during your wedding or session, it just ends up as a pose-fest. Don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate the formal shots, especially if you have that relative that wants a super traditional & formal photo with you as a nice keepsake, but I also know some couples don't want to just pose & stand for photos the whole time either! SO. If you came here looking to only "have a few nicely posed pictures taken" for the 'gram and be done with it, then I may not be the right fit for you. But if you're here to have an experience and feel all the feels, then let's get to it!

East Bay Area Wedding Last Dance

which experience would you like to invest in?

some more kind words from real couples

East Bay Area Wedding Party


Diane was professional, personable, and an amazing photographer. She did both my engagement and wedding photos. She took time to sit down with my husband and I and really understand what we were looking for, and really captured the big day. She got SO many photos and shes so petite you hardy even notice shes there. You can tell she truly puts her heart in her work. Thank you so so much Diane, we wont be strangers!!!!! Cant wait for our next time together.

Central California Wedding


Diane is an amazing photographer! My wife and I were lucky we stumbled upon her for our wedding. Diane is very professional at what she does. One thing we enjoyed most was just be around her. Super friendly and very down to earth. We love how are pictures came out and would definitely recommend her!

San Francisco Wedding


My fiance (now husband) and I were looking for a photographer with a great eye, flexibility, looking for someone extremely organized and look no further than Diane! Even from the beginning, we just loved her positive attitude and felt like she was apart of the family and one of those friends you've had forever. She had excellent ideas and you can tell Diane is very experienced and probably has seen it all so nothing phases her ^_- All of my friends and family enjoyed working with her and thought she was spectacular as well. We would definitely recommend her to our friends and family!