Since the passing of my cousin from COVID-19 in February of 2021, I feel it's important to dedicate a page to my response to the pandemic.

Creating an environment that's safe and comfortable for my clients has always been important to me, even before the pandemic. But it's needed, more than ever, because even though we've been through this pandemic for nearly a year, an alarming number of people in the public still do not care and are living life as if everything is normal, and that because there's "a 90-something perfect survival rate and most only have mild symptoms that it's not that serious." Well...that 90-something survival rate means nothing to those who lost loved ones to COVID....

Until the pandemic is under control, I will be doing the following below. I also ask that everyone I book please be transparent about COVID exposure if they find out they, or someone who attended their wedding/session, had COVID at the time of me being there. The very last thing I want to do is to unknowingly spread COVID (that is, if I end up being an asymptomatic carrier) at my next gig/session. And in the event I do have COVID, I will have an associate photograph on my behalf until I am 100% well + test negative.

If you're feeling unwell, please reschedule.

This is something I've requested since the beginning of the pandemic, but I want to post it here, too. Doesn't matter if it's a cold, flu, or COVID - whatever sickness it is, if it can be spread and cause others to fall ill then please reschedule until you are 100% better (and have tested negative if it's COVID). I am currently not charging rescheduling fees for sessions if clients are feeling ill, so please reschedule if you're feeling unwell. If I am feeling unwell, I will message you and ask that we reschedule until I am feeling better and test negative (if it's COVID). If you cannot reschedule, then I will have an associate cover for me.

To book your wedding or session, please fill out my contact form.

For questions, you can email

This page will be updated if any more measures need to be taken.


February 12, 2021: I've been scheduled to receive my Pfizer vaccine! I'm scheduled to get the 1st dose on Feb. 13, and then the final dose on March 6. Even after I receive my vaccines, I will still implement the measures above. The one thing I'll be a little more flexible with is scheduling weddings and sessions (after March 6).

*March 9, 2021: Ya girl is fully vaccinated as of March 6!!!! I will still be wearing my mask to protect myself from catching COVID and to also protect those who aren't vaccinated. I will also be loosening up on how many gigs I can take within a week now that I'm protected and others are beginning to, too! While we aren't fully out of the dark yet from this pandemic, that light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter!!

December 21, 2021: I've received my booster! But, also, the Omicron variant is spreading, so I will be wearing my mask when within 6-feet of anyone during weddings and sessions.

January 2, 2022: Along with wearing my mask when within a close distance, I will also wear my mask indoors and I'll also test for COVID regularly to ensure I'm all good before a wedding and gig.